Monday, September 24, 2007

ALIA Retirees member Val Hooper

I have really enjoyed my journeys in librarianship and now in “retirement” I still derive great joy from the little things like helping a “senior “ to learn to use the Internet or a non-reading teenager to return eagerly to the little local library to borrow “another book like you gave me last time”!! I did both of these today in my casual position at our (soon to be amalgamated) country-Queensland Shire Library.

My journey began many years ago when as a young teacher I was drawn to the school library as a way to enrich the lives of my students and myself!! In Papua New Guinea (with a new baby) I embarked on the ALA “Registration” and finished when I came back to Oz (with second baby!). I returned to teaching and eventually embraced Teacher Librarianship via Brisbane College of Advanced Education (later to become QUT) courses and the wonderful professional and personal fellowship of SLAQ.

When teaching lost its gloss in my middle-later years I shifted to working in a largish regional Public Library and found that the wide ranging skill set of a “used” Teacher Librarian was easily transferable to public libraries, much to my own amazement and that of colleagues from both public and educational sectors. When, after a few more years, my husband and I made our “tree change” to country Queensland I found ready acceptance in the local school as a contract Teacher Librarian and the local public library as a contract Library Co-ordinator and casual Library Assistant. Just enough to keep me interested, up to date, on my toes and meeting lots of fascinating people from all kinds of backgrounds and interest areas. And I can take time out to look after the vines we have planted, to keep in touch with friends and colleagues from far and wide and to travel. This picture shows the benefits of retirement…everyone should see the Canadian Rockies before they die!! NZ in 2008 and Italy in 2009, here I come.

Cheers to the Retirees group members

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