Monday, November 17, 2008

Retirees at Dreaming 2008

In the months leading up to ALIA Dreaming 2008 at Alice Springs early in September the ALIA Retirees had been planning a get -together for members interested in staying connected during retirement. Robin had arranged a "spot" in the schedule and we hoped to meet colleagues and friends in amongst the busy program.

As it turned out there were only three of us who met...Mylee, Robin and Val had been talking in teleconferences for nearly a year and finally had the opportunity to see each other, have a celebratory drink together and get acquaninted in person. It was a real joy!

The conference was a wonderful experience. The quality of speakers and the range of topics was superb and enough to keep all of us enthralled for the whole three days. We met colleagues old and new from all over the world and found, as usual, that we share a passion for our profession even though we are officially "retired" (but still working part time or as volunteers).

All three of us who attended were amamzed at the range of projects being undertaken by librarians in large and small communities all over Australia and the world. As could be expected with the venue being Alice Springs many of the conference papers and presentations had a focus on indigenous culture and library services to indigenous communities. These examples were inspiring.

The venue and the social events were just spectacular, taking advantage of the unique features of the unusual location. We met local wildlife, stargazed at a clear desert sky and danced in the red dust. The convention centre caters well to such an event and the whole population of the town showed us real outback hospitality.
We thoroughly recommend attending ALIA conferences as a way of keeping contact with colleagues and in touch with our profession, especially at the bargain price offered to Retiree members! We look forward to another great time at ALIA Brisbane in 2010, in conjunction with IFLA! See you there.
Regards, Val Hooper

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